Architecture is our Passion.


If you’re looking for an architect who will listen to you, seek to understand what makes you unique, then discover and bring out the best your project has to offer, you have come to the right place.


ETHOS WORKSHOP is a full-service architecture and planning firm emphasizing core values as a means to intelligent design. Through professional excellence and a friendly culture, the firm has garnered a loyal following of repeat clients since its formation in 2001. We provide a full array of architecture and planning consulting services nationwide.


We believe that lasting collaborative relationships and educated project teams provide the best venue for creating engaging and exciting places. We embrace advances in technology, and the tools of our trade. We understand the importance of serving with humility, as a reminder that we are one of many vital project contributors.


We respect and value our environment. As architects, we have a unique responsibility to ensure that the work we do protects, enhances, and beautifies our communities and culture. We are challenged to preserve the future by making wise choices today, and by encouraging others to do likewise. We thrive on lasting relationships and smart collaboration.


At Ethos Workshop, no vision is too big, and no detail is too small. Whether we are providing guidance on a proposed development, assisting an end-user in the efficient programming of their space, or creating dynamic aesthetics for a landmark building, we believe that understanding your core values is our first priority.

Let our expertise work for you.

Concept Studies

We bring a team of experts to our clients to ensure that the feasibility concepts being proposed are contextually appropriate and economically achievable. Dream it. Build it.

Site Evaluation + Planning

Our years of experience in site planning, traffic flow, and building positioning provide practical yet creative solutions to maximize a project's potential to create value for you, the owner.

Building Design + Engineering

We believe all projects provide an opportunity to create something beautiful in our environment. Retail, Medical Office, and Hospitality are markets in which we are commonly very active.

As-built Documents

We understand the need for owners to have precise records of their assets. Using awesome laser tech, we often prepare detailed floor plans, Lease Outline Diagrams, and other building survey data.

Code Compliance

Today, buildings of all shapes and sizes must accommodate a broad range of accessibility needs, along with sustainable design features. Fortunately, we know all about those things.

Municipal Entitlements

Before any shovels are put in the ground, requirements of municipal entities must be met. We can shepherd your project through these often muddy waters and come out clean on the other side.



In retail, new concepts for attracting tenants and consumers are always in demand. In response, we create retail and mixed-use environments rich in detail and substance, that also provide the flexibility owners and tenants need.


In an environment where patient care must come first, yet profit and growth are critical to success, we take the time to understand how your core values can improve the experience for those going thru treatment.


We understand the importance of details that lead to a refreshing hotel stay, like the mints on the pillows. In the design of these public and private spaces, we know that branding and culture go hand in hand.


The complexities of religious, institutional, and community facilities require rigorous problem solving skills and technical innovation. We bring collaborative expertise to bear on every aspect of these vital cultural resources.

Making it all happen.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” -Warren G. Bennis

  • Pianoman

    Loves jazz, photography, walking his dogs. Master of Architecture | Univ of Pennsylvania

    Scott Allman, AIA President Ethos Workshop
    Scott Allman, AIA
  • Happy-Go-Lucky

    Graphic expert, creative genius, family man. Bachelor of Architecture | Ball State University

    Zach Huffman, AIA, LEED AP Project Manager Ethos Workshop
    Zach Huffman, AIA, LEED AP
    Project Manager
  • The Intellect

    Jovial Intellect, New Father, Sports Fanatic. Master of Architecture | Univ of Pennsylvania  

    Jeff Minor, AIA, LEED BD+C Project Architect Ethos Workshop
    Jeff Minor, AIA, LEED BD+C
    Project Architect
  • World Traveler

    Multi-Ligual, Problem Solver, Humanitarian. Master of Architecture | Judson University

    Anthony Yeboah, AIA, GIA, LEED AP Project Architect Ethos Workshop
    Anthony Yeboah, AIA, GIA, LEED AP
    Project Architect
  • International Man of Mystery

    Loves travel, Rotary International, muscle cars. Master of Architecture | Univ of Oregon

    Bret Mitchell, AIA Senior Project Manager Ethos Workshop
    Bret Mitchell, AIA
    Senior Project Manager
  • Craftsman

    Bachelor, Outdoorsman, Board Game Expert. Master of Architecture | Ball State University

    Josh Bobeck, AIT Project Manager Ethos Workshop
    Project Manager


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